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Monthly Archives: October 2021


Bad Boys for Life 2020 AVI Torrent

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Bad Boys for Life 2020

Torrent descargado de ProstyleX

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Archivo: Boys For Life 2020 720p HD-TS x264 HQ-CPG NUEVO

: 1 hora 57 minutos

Fallido: Gio

: Matroska

Vídeo: 3 407 kbps


Vídeo: AVC


: 1272×600 píxeles

RAM: (30000/1001) FPS


Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3

: 2 canales

Muestreo: kHz

: 320 kb / s

Windows 10 20H2 pt-BR Todas as Vers

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Windows 10 20H2 pt-BR Todas as Versões DUALBOOT Dez 2020



construire Windows : 20H2

Architecture : DualBoot x64x86

Tamanho : GB

Idiome : Portugais-BR

BIOS : UEFI/Héritage

format : ISO/ESD

MD5 : E5D7D8158E48A058BB3CC0321777D84A

Crédit : Gleison Lima

======= NTEGRADO ======

MS Dart –


mettre à jour

===== EDIES =====

Accueil Win10

Win10 Pro

Langue d’accueil Win10

Formation Win10

Éducation Win10 Pro

Station de travail Win10 Pro

Entreprise Win10

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations X64 en-US MARCH 2021 {Gen2} Torrent Download

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DOWNLOAD torrent

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations X64 en-US MARCH 2021 {Gen2}

Workplace Windows 10 Pro X64 and US MAC 2021

Built Edition 20H2

* File:

* Size: 4.91GB

* Format: Removable ISO

* CRC32: 4f9035f3

* MD5: 418914ba5354a83e61f15b3f12270006

* SHA-1: d2d162088eea38ce6c2064493880190e950a23ec

Included / Installed:

* General updates:

* KB5000802

* CLEAN system

* Total number of updates

* NET system and:

* KB4601554

Post complete / post post:

* Defender Update


* Windows 10 Pro Workplace – STD

* Windows 10 Pro – DLA

* STD = Standard Installation – For those who have a license key

* DLA = Digital License Activation (HWID)

* UEFI available

* (Use a Rufus compatible USB device to make it UEFI bootable)

* Detection and rescue equipment (only)

* emphasized for recovery format()

* Make USB bootable (highly recommended) with Rufus,

* (included) or burn to DVD-DL at low speed.

* Windows_Addict, author of the Windows activation script

* Hope you enjoy this post!


* Generation 2

Tom y Jerry 2021 BDRip avi Torrent Descargar

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Tom y Jerry 2021

Género: Comedia, Familia, Aventura
Director: Tim Story
Actores: William Hanna, Mel Blanc, Chlo Grace Moretz, Michael Pea, Ken Jeong
Argumento: Jerry, un gato un ratón vacíos, es expulsado de su casa trasladado a un hotel de lujo en la ciudad de Nueva York, donde una empleada divertida llamada Kayla perderá su trabajo si no puede desalojar a Jerry antes de la boda de primera clase del hotel. ¿Su solución? Contrata a Tom para que se deshaga del molesto ratón.
Sáb = Matroska (avi)
Duración = 01:41
Tamaño de archivo = 1 GiB
Datos de códec = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolución = 720×388
Mostrar AR = | : 1
Tasa de baudios = 1500 kbps
Velocidad de fotogramas = espacio de color CFR = YUV
Submonstruo de croma = 4: 2: 0
Codificador = x264 – núcleo 159
Datos del códec = AC-3 | A_AC3
Canal = 6
Tasa de baudios = CBR 384 kbps
Ejemplo = kHz
Idioma = inglés

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 32-Bit

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

The feature-packed PDF reader for Windows computers Adobe Acrobat Professional is one of the most popular PDF management productivity packages. Whether you want to edit, print, view, manage or create PDFs, this program offers a variety of tools and services in the cloud for an efficient workflow. The entire Pro package is developed by Adobe and includes Adobe Acrobat, Document Cloud, and Acrobat Reader. While the standard Acrobat Reader is available for both computer and mobile operating systems, this full Pro package is only available for Acrobat, it started out as a family of basic editing tools with links to. Over the years, the program has grown into a feature-packed software giant offering. The tool also allows you to import image formats, document formats, and other file types to save as PDFs. Compared to free PDF readers, Windows PDF reader and Foxit Reader, have proven to be leaders in the PDF industry. (Function() {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Create, view, edit, and read PDFs with ease Adobe Acrobat Professional has a user-friendly interface. The left sidebar displays page labels, attachments, and thumbnails. With one right click on the thumbnail, you can manage several functions, such as page numbering, scanning, ordering, etc. Adobe Acrobat Pro also lets you open pages marked with Roman numerals. Some of them can be opened with this software in Arabic, you can perform a number of functions. You can create PDFs, rearrange, crop pages, insert digital signatures, manipulate hyperlinks, add comments, and delete parts of documents. You have all the tools you need to modify PDFs. The home screen is equipped with a split screen for recent scans and files. Scanning made easy with the Adobe Scan mobile app. Provides quick access to files on your computer via Document Cloud and other cloud services, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, SharePoint, GoogleDrive, etc. While this program doesn’t have support for Apple iCloud Drive, you can access iCloud files from the second set of My Computer Acrobat Pro tabs. Focus on sharing PDFs. There’s one tab for files you’ve received or sent, another for files to view or comment on, and a final tab for files that require a digital signature. Whether you want to view or edit PDFs, the entire set of tabs is visually appealing and easy to navigate. The latest versions of PDF readers have a vertical toolbar on the right edge of the main window. It provides quick access to common tools, including the program’s well-designed interface, which combines multiple PDFs into one. Adobe Acrobat Professional comes with many features for creating and editing PDFs. For example, you can add images and text, insert notes and links, and adjust formatting options, such as image size, font size, etc. The program also includes OCR scanning which allows you to insert other documents, images, and cropped data. into PDF files. This feature allows you to edit scanned data that is converted to text. It automatically matches the PDF font format – this will give the file a uniform look. While you can create PDFs, there is also a built-in converter that lets you combine multiple file formats in a documentPDFs. Some of the popular options include images, websites, MS Office formats, working with Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can manipulate file settings, including file sizes, merge pages, share documents, direct printing, etc. For page-specific features, the program allows you to rotate, delete and rearrange everything. You can even compare two documents that are next to each other. Moreover, users can edit and fill out PDF forms directly in the collaboration feature. For filling out forms digitally, this program is equipped with a digital signature feature. With this feature, you can create electronic characters to fill and sign forms easily. Similarly, you can use the tool’s collaboration features to track and collect signatures from customers, colleagues, and other software, cloud service features, you can easily view PDFs from multiple devices, anywhere in the world. If you are concerned about the security aspect, you will be happy to know that the PDF reader supports password protection, because the program offers many options, navigation does not seem complicated. This tool allows you to customize PDFs with a variety of easily accessible tools with an intuitive interface. This lets you work faster on documents, regardless of platform or device. It’s worth noting that you can set preferences to make navigation easier in some features. The only drawback of this program is that it requires a lot of system resources. So the installation may take some time, and the old computer is vulnerable to security features? Digital security has become a hot topic in the cyber industry in recent times. Adobe Acrobat Pro comes with an integrated Protect tool. This gives you more ways to protect your files. For example, you can encrypt documents with a password or certificate, delete certain data, restrict editing, and make perfect choices for managing PDFs on your computer. There’s a pretty good reason why Adobe Acrobat Professional is one of the leading PDF management tools in the industry. The program comes with a number of features, including easy collaboration via cloud services. It should be noted that this program requires a large amount of system resources, but runs smoothly on the latest Windows configurations. Downloading Adobe Acrobat makes it easy to view, read, edit, and manage PDFs on your system.